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NuGenisis Biomimetic Retinol 1%
NuGenisis 15% Advanced Vitamin C
"The serum is a must try. I’ve experienced great results on my face..."  
L.K. (Client)


Our Clients Personal & Professional Experience Says It Best!

"For years I have struggled with puffiness & fine lines around eye area like many others. “For Your Eyes Only Eye Cream” has been a game changer! Hands down most effective eye cream out there! My clients love it just as much as I do! Nothing else like it!"

T.L. (Medical Aesthetician & Client)

''NuGenisis -Biomimetic Retinol 1% Serum has transformed my skin, thank you so much! Two of my friends recently commented on how my skin looks smooth and tight without any solicitation on my part.'' 

Dr. J.P. (Medical Office)

"... using NuGenisis products for over 3 years and am obsessed with them.  I use the serum, eye cream, moisturizer, toner, lip plumper and neck cream and couldn't be happier with the results.''

D. G. (Client)


"There are two ways of expressing how much I value Nugenisis products. First is what I hear from my clients. After 17 years working for a plastic surgeon I have tried a lot of products and sold a lot of them, but never have I gotten the feedback I get from clients now who are using Nugenisis. Everyone gets results. Most clients start with a few products, but each time they come in they buy more until they have the whole line. 

Second is my own experience. Nugenisis is the only product I sell in the office and the only one I use at home. I know that I am going to get consistent good results and never think about any problems. I've always taken care of my skin, since I was a teenager, but was never completely happy with any one product line. Now I am. I have always gotten compliments about my skin and am taken for many years younger than I am. But now I get high compliments, and that means a lot for someone who started with a good complexion. I try to help clients think differently about their skin and to be prouder of their complexions. I can only do so much in the office. Sending them home with products that are pure and effective makes it possible to change their self image....and self esteem.  That's big."    

M.Z. (Medical Aesthetician, Plastic Surgeons Office)

Beautiful woman
NuGenisis Renew Age Defying Serum
NuGenisis Advanced Firming & Lifting Neck Cream
NuGenisis For Your Eyes Only Eye Cream
"NuGenisis products are the best I have ever used for my entire life! I can't live without them!!" 
R.N.  (Client)

"In my 15 years of selling “platinum” skincare, I have never had so many clients coming back unsolicited to purchase NuGenisis products over and over again. I purchase 4-5 orders of NuGenisis to 1 small order of xxxxx and xxxxxxx products. Clients actually go out of their way to call and let me know how many compliments they have gotten on their skin. I actually had one lady buy the lip plumper and come back the same day to buy two more for her girlfriends because it worked immediately for her. 

S.S. (Medical Aesthetician, Plastic Surgeons Office)

"The NuGenisis product line is so results oriented that I feel if I stop using the products I will look much older. The serum and eye cream have made me look beyond amazing."

 A.G. (Medical Spa Manager & Client)

"I have been using Nugenisis products for several years.  Actually I think I use all their products because the company stays on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest of ingredients.  My absolute favorites are Renew Serum, neck cream and lip plumper..."

C.G.  (Client)

"The love of being an esthetician for 35 years and the pride of sharing a non-toxic skincare line used in one's practice, well... comes along not so often. I am a proud user and distributor of the NuGenisis amazing results skincare line. What is essential and not visible to the eye... is the bravery of risk... The pride of being there and the dedication to results is my enthusiasm to have NuGenisis as my number one safe-keep.  It delivers... my clients and I are amazed constantly."  

R.M. (Esthetician, Skin Spa Owner & Client)

“I am so pleased with how my skin looks since using NuGenisis products. I use the Renew Serum and the For Your Eyes Only Eye Cream and it has made a tremendous difference. My face is much firmer, smooth, and young looking and I have less puffiness under my eyes and hardly any noticeable crow’s feet. I just love the quality of the products!”

K.M. (Client) 

"The team at NuGenisis creates cutting edge, state-of-the-art products. Since bringing her line into my skincare salon, I have seen a dramatic increase in my retail sales. Clients come in and say "I need more of that stuff." They purchase not only for themselves but for friends and family. NuGenisis products are effective and made in a manner that is safe and healthy for the skin. They deliver results period. Laura and her staff are always available to answer any questions. NuGenisis products have been the best addition to my practice." 

K.W. (Owner Skin Spa, LE, CIDESCO, ITEC, NCEA, COE)

NuGenisis Biomimetic Retinol 1%
NuGenisis 15% Advanced Vitamin C

"... I am 64 years old and my face always feels dewy and moisturized and I can see the anti-aging effects." 

D.G. (Client)

"... I love the product and can not do without it...I did not find anything there that compared to you guys! I love the silky feel of the serum and neck cream.  I am super sensitive with my eyes and your products do not give me any issues.  The products sell themselves once our estheticians get the client on board."     

 M.T. (Spa Owner & Client)

"Haven't broken out in 3 years since using NuGenisis toner and face wash."

 J.W. (Client)

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