Skin Types: Dry, Oily, Normal, Combination


Why Vitamin C-THD Ascorbate?

 Vitamin C-THD (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate)

- Is Extremely Stable

- Does Not Cause Skin Sensitivity

- Penetrates Deeper To Where It

  Stimulates Collagen Production

- Increases Collagen At Least 2X

  As Much As Ascorbic Acid

- Protects Cells Against UV-B Better

  Than Other Esters Of Vitamin C

- Fades Away Discolorations, By

  Reducing The Production Of Melanin

- Delivers Pure Vitamin C Fifty Times

  Better Than Ascorbic Acid


The Challenges With Most Forms Of Vitamin C   

- They Oxidize & Lose Their Effectiveness  

- Can Cause Sensitivity  



Advanced 15% Vitamin C

  • Most Advanced Stable Form Of Vitamin C:

    . Visibly Reduces Hyperpigmentation 

    . Evens Skin Tone & Brightens Skin

    . Protects & Promotes The Growth Of Collagen

    . Visibly Firms & Clarifies

    . Helps Minimize The Damage From

      Environmental Attacks 

    . Non-Irritating Or Exfoliating

    . Extremely Stable For Of Vitamin C


    Coenzyme Q10:  Renews The Appearance Of Aging & UV-Exposed Skin. Essential For Providing Energy To Skin Cells. Works To Neutralize Harmful Free Radicals. 


    Vitamin E: Works To Neutralize Free Radicals & Replenish Skin Lipids. Helps Protect Against Clinical Signs Of Photo Aging.